MedEx - Clinical Examination

A comprehensive guide to master the art of clinical examination.

MedEx - Clinical Examination MedEx - Clinical Examination

About MedEx - Clinical Examination

MedEx is a handy and useful tool to learn clinical examination and skills on the go.
Combined with easy to understand description and high quality images, this is a perfect platform to improve your clinical skills.

It also includes pathological respiratory and heart sounds to help you understand better.

The whole description and images are based on the commonly practiced clinical examination methods all around the world.

The app includes :
History taking
Examination of vital signs
General physical examination
Examination of cardiovascular system
Examination of respiratory system
Examination of gastrointestinal system
Examination of nervous system
Examination of motor system

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Such amazing app

Reviews سهام العلياني
سهام العلياني

One of the best app for MBBS students to understand what is what. Much greetings for app developer.

Reviews Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar

Excellent app.

Reviews nitesh raj
nitesh raj